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Yellow arrow signal light board

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Product Abstract:

MFX-200/300/400-X yellow arrow signal light board with high brightness light-emitting diode chips AlInGap and InGaN as a product of a light source, low power consumption, long life, maintaining a reasonable cost of the product. Applicable to the crossroads, parking. Tunnels, etc.

Product Description

200/300/400 type yellow arrow lights board

1, high brightness: LED lights suitable high light bead, the effect is more color;

2. Low power consumption: comparison with incandescent can save 7-9 times more power;

3, long life: 50,000 hours;

4, Viewing angle Large;

5, brightness adjustment: automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment;

6, rigorous testing: testing the product for a long time, to ensure a long and stable;

7, lights working environment temperature -40 ℃ -50 ℃, can be resistant to high and low temperature test -40 ℃ and + 80 ℃ of;

8, the temperature is 25 ℃, relative humidity less than 95%;


High quality imported 14 microns four elements LED wafer fabrication;

Voltage constant current switching power supply and LED load current balancing circuit design;

AC or DC 90V-250V wide operating voltage range

To prevent the leakage current causes the error display signal circuit design;

Internal Surge Protection Impact Of the High efficiency, low temperature rise Of the quick start power supply;

PCB low thermal resistance circuit board design, and effectively delay the LED light decline phenomenon.


Technical Reference:




Packaging Information:


Φ200/300/400mm (12英寸) LED交通信号灯
毛重 (kg):


Physical map:


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