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TSC48A-OLED traffic signal controller

  • TSC48A-LED Traffic signal main frame
  • TSC48A-OLED traffic signal main frame
  • TSC48A-OLED Traffic signal controller
  • TSC48A-LED Traffic signal controller
  • TSC48A-LED Traffic signal controller
  • TSC48A-OLED traffic signal controller

Product Abstract:

TSC48A series of traffic signal controller is against the crossing demand for price-sensitive、powerful、safe and reliable for well-designed. Strictly implementation of the (GB25280-2010) relevant standards

Product Description
 Following the advantages of eight:
Advantage price 
Easy operation
Flexible scalability
Multilingual screen
Controller uses ultrahigh brightness LED segment displays and LED crossroads Mimic screen display the Interface component, with RS-232, RS-485, Real-time communication countdown, Mini-USB, GPS equipment, Wireless remote control, Wireless networking, 10 / 100M Ethernet, Remote 2G / 3G networking, Wireless hand control, Digital dimming,SMB, etc. function Interface.
Data automatic storage for more than 10 years, the user optional anti-radiation program memory;
Especially the dual-core system design, to avoid all kinds of unpredictable reasons that system crashes cause the traffic gridlock;
Be occurred the error automatic software or hardware downgrade to process and issue an error alarm and event records;
Equipped with USB and RS-232 for easy connection to a computer for manages upgrades, wireless or RS-485 can be connected to 32 real-time the communication countdown screen;
Complete self-test, error detection, error correction and monitoring system that can comfortably withstand a variety of outdoor environments interference;
Based on the GPS latitude and longitude true solar time, calculate the every day's sunrise and sunset time for the positioning and dimming function;
Support the 8 kinds of manual mode seamless switching control; almost covering the traffic police required the mode of temporary control;
Active or passive the two-way green wave control, full / half-sensing control、multi-time control、fixed-cycle control、yellow flash control and so on.

Technical parameters:



 Intersection Simulation:

Stainless steel cabinet
Sensors and other equipment; built-in generator automatic switching, electronic police independent distribution, signal control and distribution, users of electrical power distribution, mine equipment, the European standard card terminals and other insured lights, stainless steel shell spraying water, moisture dustproof design; for placing signal, and other communications equipment.


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