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LED Network type Tunnel Crossover Arrow lights

  • LED Network type Tunnel Crossover Arrow lights
  • LED Network type Crossover Arrow lights
  • LED Net Style red green signal lamp screenful

Product Abstract:

For modern advanced network tunnel control requirements, LEDON developed a new Ethernet traffic lights, The main advantage of this product is reflected in anti-jamming performance, security, ease of operation, fast deployment and cost-effective, and thus become LEDON product an important member of the series.

Product Description

The newly designed LED tunnel network traffic lights

Through high-quality components, extensive testing and rigorous optimization of production processes, Ensure the reliability of the product operation; modular design of traffic signal lights make installation easier, Maintenance easier and more convenient on-site construction.

Product Features

Gold-plated waterproof RJ-45 connector

Real-time communication Ethernet control

Ten grade digital brightness adjustment

Independent of the initial basic brightness settings

Flipping algorithm prevents signal error

Network security tamper-proof

Low thermal resistance the PCB thermal design

LED rational distribution and overall brightness uniformity

Switching precision LED constant current drive circuit

has two layers of waterproof and dustproof High sealing structure

AC 90-250V 50 / 60Hz wide input voltage

safeguard properties Circuit design, Even if an individual on the panel LED damage, Does not affect the brightness and other LED work

Technical parameters:




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